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Help us provide gifts to approximately 50 of our military children for the upcoming Holidays

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Adopt a Military Child

Children Of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund's annual Adopt a Family program is here again. Our foundation has been growing and with the addition of new families struggling through difficult hardships it has become our desire to try harder to put a smile on the beautiful faces of our children. Please consider helping us this Holiday season.

With your help, together, we are able to lighten the burden, lift the spirits of our children, honor and remember their fallen parent, thank their veteran parent(s) and continue our mission in giving a "gift" back to those who serve.

100% of your donation will go towards purchasing gifts and/or gift cards for our surviving and disabled veteran's military children. We would love to exceed the amount this year and be able to provide a "gift" to their Mom or Dad as well this season. Share the love, honor and remember the fallen heroes and those who sustained injuries serving our Nation. Remember to thank a Veteran, it's easy! Thank them by picking up their tab, coffee or gas and spread the love and gratitude.

Our enrichment and sports programs are also in need of funds as well. These very important programs help our top students travel abroad with other classmates as part of their studies and the sports program assists those in need with equipment, uniforms, cleats, shoes, dance, music, and other sports and creative activities that boost their self-esteem, helps them bond with others, teaches teamwork, respect for others and truly enriches their lives. Help us continue to ensure they can fulfill their childhood dreams.

Please feel free to donate online or through the postal system.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for Children Of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, Inc.